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MMG Canada Limited

Allstar Magnetics is a Franchised Stocking Distributor for MMG Canada Limited. They specialize in the design, development and manufacture of magnetic materials and components, including soft ferrites, permanent magnets and iron powder. Their products are used in a variety of applications in the in the RF and microwave communications, automotive, military and aerospace electronics, CATV distribution, instrumentation and consumer markets. They have manufacturing bases in both North America and Asia and applications engineering staffed facilities around the world.



  • Soft Ferrite Cores
  • Baluns, Beads, Drum (Bobbins), Multi-Apperature Beads
  • Pot (2 Slot), Pot (4 Slot), Pot (Wide Slot)
  • TT, PQ, RM, RM (Low Profile), Rods (Plain)
  • E, EF, E, E6E, E6I Planar
  • Rods (Extruded), RWW (Coilforms)
  • Squaroids Stators, Yokes Toroids (Ring), U, U6I, UR
  • FTF, FTA, F39, FT7, FT6, F10, F82, F9C, F65, F9, F81, FTX, F9N, F72, F9Q
  • P11, P12,W10
  • F61, F58, F5C, FB3, F44A, F5A, F48
  • FB2, F45, F5, F44, F6, F47, F49
  • F59, FF1, F53, F19, F52, F13, F26
  • FA1, F302, F15, F14, F16, F01
  • FX1, F25, F21, F28, F31, FXQ, F29