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Request Samples Radially Oriented Ring Magnets

Radially Oriented Ring Magnets Samples

Allstar Magnetics has 5 sample sizes available for request. Please review the sizes in the chart below and use the form to submit your request for samples. 

Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Height Material Grade # of poles Part Number Stock
28.5 22 25mm N38SH 6 M-22005-M/6P Yes
39.9 32.9 51mm N33UH 8 Stack M-22004-M No
39.9 32.9 25mm N38SH 8 M-22006-M/8P Yes
14 10 20mm N38M 4 M-22002-NM (see note a) 


  • a) Tooling available: specify poles/skew with rfq
  • b) Skew angles for the above can be quoted separately
  • c) Other sizes available for quotation
  • d) Not recommended for use in rotary encoder applications


Your Infomation


  • Heat resistant grades available, ask for details.

  • Eg:Yes / No & Pre-Test, During Test, Post Test

  • Ie: Salt Spray Test, Accelerated Life Test

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