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Allstar Magnetics, LCC
6205 NE 63rd Street
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone: 360-693-0213



QUOTATIONS: Prices are good for 30 days. Parts are subject to prior sale.

PURCHASE ORDERS: Upon receipt of P.O., parts are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS: Orders are not subject to changes or cancellation except on such terms as to protect us against loss and expressly agreed to by us in writing.

INVOICES AND STATEMENTS: Invoices are emailed immediately after shipment or mailed via USPS. Payments are to be made on an invoice basis (refer to “TERMS” below). Statements will be provided upon request to assist you in balancing your payment record.

Send payments to: Allstar Magnetics, LLC, 6205 N.E. 63rd Street, Vancouver, WA, 98661
Federal ID# 45-2113029.

NET 30 DAYS. Failure to adhere to our terms may result in a shipping hold on future orders. The net due date is calculated from the date of the invoice. Delinquent accounts are subject to a service charge of one and one-half percent (1½%) per month on any unpaid balance. Buyer also agrees to pay all expenses associated with any collection proceedings, including seller’s attorney fees. Washington State Law governs our agreement, and you agree that in the event of your default or any dispute you may have concerning our agreement that the exclusive jurisdiction in determining such disputes shall be the respective state courts of Clark County, Washington. All terms herein supersede any previous agreements.

PROFORMA/PREPAY. Proforma invoices are prepared with the price of the materials, any other quoted pricing, and an estimate of freight costs (where applicable) for customers who have not opened Net 30-day accounts. These must be paid prior to our placing an order for the materials if it’s not a stocked item, and prior to our shipping the materials to your location.

CREDIT CARD, WIRE or ACH. These are all acceptable methods of payment in addition to checks.

CLAIMS AND RETURNS: Delivery terms are F.O.B. Origin unless otherwise previously negotiated. Claims of any nature must be made within 30 days of shipment. Accepted returns are dependent upon Allstar Magnetics LLC’s written authorization accompanied by a “Return Material Authorization” number. All items in dispute must be identified by: SKU + Quantity + Problem/Concern + Requested Solution. All claims must be accompanied by photo evidence of the product involved, the condition of the product, testing parameters if applicable, and the condition of the shipping container or original packaging. All claims will be acted upon within 24 hours from notification. Allstar will endeavor to provide immediate replacement material but reserves the right to reject a claim subject to completion of investigation. In the case a claim is rejected the customer is subject to payment for both the original and the replacement product in full, unauthorized debits/credits/discounts will not be allowed. Alteration to/or modification of our invoice is made solely by Allstar Magnetics upon notification by the customer of any discrepancy relating to price, quantity, part number or shipping charges. Any correction made by Allstar Magnetics is via issuance of an appropriate credit, debit, or revised invoice.

DELAYS: We are not responsible for delays in making delivery or any failure to make delivery due to causes beyond our control. These causes include but are not limited to acts or regulations of any governmental authority, fire, work stoppages or slow downs, accident, flood, war, national emergency, acts of God, public disorder, transportation shortages and delays or shortages of fuel or materials.

ROUTING: In the absence of specific routing instructions by customer, we will exercise our best judgment to route shipments most advantageously. We assume no responsibility for charges by carriers.

TAXES: Buyer shall be responsible for and pay all sales, use or other taxes and duties arising out of any transaction.

ACCEPTANCE: By placing an order with Allstar Magnetics, LLC you are acknowledging your acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety.

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