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 TSC Ferrite International

Allstar Magnetics is a Franchised Stocking Distributor for TSC Ferrite International, a manufacturer of soft ferrite, ceramic, cores for high frequency (KHz through MHz), transformers and inductors.



  • E , Planar E, ETD, EFD, PQ, Ep ,E Core
  • Planar E Core, ETD/EER Core
  • EFD Core, PQ Core, U Core, EP Core, Pot Core
  • Toroid Core, Composite Toroid, Composite E-Core
  • U & I cores
  • TSF-4080, TSF-5000, TSF-5099, TSF-50ALL
  • TSF-7070, TSF-7099, TSF-8040, TSF-Boost
  • TSF-010K