Ferrite Magnetic Blocks

Ferrite block magnets / Ferrite slab magnets
Ceramic Ferrite Magnetic Blocks are usually specified by their three dimensions such that the first two dimensions specify the size of each magnet pole face while the final dimension indicates the pole to pole distance (the ferrite magnet is therefore magnetized in the direction of the last dimension).

Ferrite block magnets are also known as ferrite rectangular magnets or ferrite square magnets, ferrite slab magnets and ferrite cube magnets. Rectangle, square, slab or cube shapes would all exist under the term ferrite block magnets.

Black magnets which are very tall compared to their pole face dimensions are sometimes also known as ferrite bar magnets we have given these magnets their own section.

Anisotropic ferrite magnets have their direction of magnetization locked into the structure of the ferrite magnet and so cannot be remagnetized into a different direction (other than swapping the North and South poles around). Isotropic ferrites (which are weaker in magnetic output performance) can be magnetized in almost any direction provided the magnetizing coil fixture is capable of providing the correct pattern with enough magnetizing strength.

Although ferrite magnets are not as powerful as SmCo and NdFeB (size for size) they can be made as large blocks which are (relatively speaking) potentially safer to handle (care should always be taken when handling magnets, especially the larger and more powerful magnets). The larger ferrite slabs (larger rectangular shaped magnets) can provide deep magnetic fields (making them extremely popular in attraction applications such as overband magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic sweepers, etc). This is because they have large pole face areas. The larger the pole face area, the better should be the magnetic output at distance away from the magnet (as a generalised rule). Stacking the ferrite block magnets together to increase magnet height will also give more magnetic output but there is a height for any magnet where increasing height starts to give less and less increase in performance (as the performance levels off) at which point a larger pole face area may be required (i.e. a bigger magnet or a new design may be necessary).

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