Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

When you’re designing and building the most advanced systems in the world — you need a partner you can trust, and experts who understand the science and business of inductive components and permanent magnets. For years Allstar Magnetics has been a supplier for aerospace manufacturers and military programs that demand only the best components, meticulously designed and engineered, to last in the harshest environments. From the early design stages to samples to production, we work closely with our customers to create the best magnetic solution for your project.

Magnets for Electronics Industry

Allstar Magnetics understands the science and business of magnetics, and that is why so many leading manufactures in the electronics industry rely on Allstar Magnetics to not only supply magnets, but also assist them with their design of custom-made and unique fitted magnets & assemblies. With over 50 combined years of experience we are your partners in all things magnetic. Whether you’re manufacturing Televisions, Computer Disk, Cell Phones or Circuit Boards, Allstar Magnetics can help. We work extensively with prototypes and new designs, and offer our expertise to developers and engineers seeking innovative solutions based on our Neodymium rare earth magnets and Samarium Cobalt magnets, destined specifically for electronic & industrial applications.

Automotive & Vehicle Design

Magnets and Ferrites are widely used in the global automotive industry from electric windows (DC Motors), door locking systems to windshield wipers and beyond, just to name a few, of the more than hundreds of uses for them which are incorporated into today’s automotive technologies. Allstar Magnetics’ provides magnetic solutions to some of the leading names in the automotive production & vehicle design sector, and our technical staff are accustomed to working with their technical counterparts in the automotive industry to provide design consultation and recommend optimal solutions for their business needs.

Medical & Health Care

Rare earth permanent magnets have facilitated an evolution in health and medical technology. They produce a powerful magnetic field used in medical imaging devices, such as MRIs, that enable doctors to diagnose illnesses that otherwise would be much harder to detect. Rare earth elements are also used in many modern surgical machines, such as those for robot-assisted surgeries. They are used in pioneering technologies, such as cochlear implants. Yttrium is used in solid state lasers and in cancer-treating drugs. They are essential to modern medicine. Rare earth-enabled products and technologies help to fuel global economic growth, maintain high standards of living, and save lives.

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