Powdered Iron

Allstar Magnetics in a licensed franchized distributor of Powdered Iron Cores. Iron powder cores are commonly used as output inductors in switching mode power supplies, current smoothing inductors, high Q circuits, tank circuits, and filters. Iron powder cores are available in 2 basic materials. They are Carbonyl and Hydrogen Reduced Iron. The Carbonyl Iron Powder cores are also called as the RF Cores, and the Hydrogen Reduced Iron Powder cores are also called the Power Cores.

RF Cores, as its name suggest are mainly for RF application such as a tuned circuits, tank circuits, RF filters, etc. These cores are very commonly used in radio transmissions, and in amateur radio applications. RF cores have good temperature stability. The permeability is usually between 0 to 55 ui. These cores are good for operations up to 500 Mhz.

Power Cores are used for input and output filters in electrical circuits and in power supplies, load inductors, and EMI filters. Power cores have permeability up to 90 ui. It is the lowest cost cores types.

Iron Powder cores comes primariliy as toroidal cores. The Power Cores are also available as Rod Cores, and E-Cores. These rod and E cores are used to construct high power and high current inductors and filters.

The major advantage of using iron powder cores is the high saturation flux density. This means that the cores hardly get into complete saturation even at very high current.