Power Transformers

Allstar Magnetics is an AS9100:D + AS9120:B certified ISO 9001:2015 partner with over 20 years’ experience in permanent magnets, inductive components and power transformers. Since 1989 we’ve led the way with quality stock distribution and valued added services and innovation, but it is our evolution and innovation into a product partner that our customers have come to trust and depend on. We are the experts who understand your business needs especially when it comes to all phases of small to high volume production & assembly. From design validation to prototype creation and full production & manufacturing our customers save time and money with faster release to market.

Engineering & Design Review / Validation
One of the most critical first steps in the Transformer manufacturing process is performing a design review and validation. Design reviews are often conducted when there is a unique transformer design or when the technical specification is demanding, this is especially true when a transformer manufacturer is designing and constructing to a specification for the first time. There are many variable factors that must be evaluated when reviewing and validating a custom transformer design.

These factors generally include:
1. Regulation – capacity to handle the expected load
2. Application of the unit
3. What is the life expectancy consideration
4. Choice of Raw Materials
5. Choice of winding material (Copper or Aluminum)
6. Any overloading requirements
7. Temperature considerations
8. Losses (both no-load and operating losses)
9. Any non-linear load demand
10. Shielding and Accessories

Design reviews ensure technical compliance by verifying that appropriate materials are used, performance guarantees will be met and the transformer will be adequately tested – all to help ensure long-term, reliable service. Validating your design can be an effective step to help expedite the design and manufacturing process and it helps eliminate the high cost of fixing field problems and minimizes delays due to design changes. With design validation, the manufacturer can purchase the specified materials and begin construction
Allstar Magnetics’ team of experts regularly conduct design reviews on behalf of our customers.

Regional Supplier
Allstar Magnetics team of experts and engineers speak your language, and we understand the challenges manufacturers face today especially when operating in a foreign topology with offshore suppliers. If you’re new to doing business with foreign manufacturers it will cost you, and if you don’t go through the qualification process outlined above you could lose valuable time to market coupled with higher costs. You need a partner that can translate those challenges into a domestic topology with a regional supply chain that works. That’s where our strategic approach in developing global supply chain relationships and partnerships that provide value via an integrated management process will be a good fit.

These type of strategic relationships and partnerships are not suited for all businesses, however they are very well suited to companies with enterprise size commitments who focus on eliminating inconsistencies in multiple batches throughout the year, while also lowering overall labor coast, long lead times and carrying cost.
Submit you technical data to us and let us help determine if our program is viable for you.

Cost Savings
Allstar Magnetics can help you reduce high volume manufacturing cost by eliminating inconsistencies in multiple batches of production throughout the year by providing first article inspection & design review. This greatly reduces labor and material cost to your company. We also save you enormous carrying cost by inventorying these items for you with our Just-in-Time delivery (JIT) program.

Here is a breakdown of the cost savings:
1. Lower Production Cost
2. Lower Material Cost
3. Lower Handling Cost
4. Eliminate Excessive Lead Times
5. Eliminate Inventory Cost.
4. Distribution 

One of the main problems plaguing manufacturing companies today are high lead times that can average 16 to 18 weeks. On top of those long waiting periods you’re likely having to pay warehouse storage and inventory fees which can be very taxing to you companies overhead. With Allstar Magnetics Just-In-Time delivery program you eliminate those ridiculously long lead times and carrying cost. With our JIT strategy your product is delivered typically within a week anywhere in North America as you need it, when you need it.