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Allstar Magnetics, LLC, Announces Significant Expansion through New Hires and Services  

Allstar Magnetics, LLC
For Immediate Release: 01-31-17.

Allstar Magnetics Expands Sales & Engineering Team
Allstar Magnetics is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members that will greatly extend both sales and engineering reach in regards to both VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) products and wound assembly solutions.

Joining the Allstar Team is long time VAC sales veteran Heike Montgomery. Heike was a critical member of the VAC inside sales team responsible for developing key customer relationships throughout the NAFTA market and helping to simplify the supply chain in accordance with customer needs. Heike brings with her over 35 years of experience within the framework of VAC and enjoys a unique understanding of all elements of the supplier business as it pertains to customer needs. Heike can be contacted directly at

Rodney Rodgers, an accomplished Application & Design Engineer with a 16 year tenure with VAC, becomes Allstar’s senior design engineer with a mission to serve customer needs as a Technical Expert and Advisor for Custom Wound Solutions. With over 40 years of experience in the space, Allstar is extremely excited to offer his insight and input to the needs of our customers as they develop designs for production and distribution. Rodney can be contacted indirectly through Dan Pizarro – Senior Sales Manager-Wound Assembly at

Allstar Magnetics – A Leader in Custom Product Prototyping & CNC Solutions
Allstar Magnetics is the industry leader and your volume partner in providing Custom Magnetic CNC Prototype Solutions in addition to volume CNC Machining designed to meet your companies specific requirements. Our team of experts can take your concepts and quickly turn them into reality in the form of a working model. We partner with our clients in every step of the project saving them time and money and getting your product to market faster. Allstar Magnetics aims to provide every possible advantage to our engineering customers who are seeking to define or improve product performance. In addition to custom solutions, we also support the CNC machining of standard shapes and materials at exceptionally competitive prices.

Allstar Magnetics has the tools and expertize to be your key supplier & partner for CNC based magnetic solutions. Contact us today at 1-800-949-8950 or email us at

About Allstar Magnetics
Founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Washington, Allstar Magnetics started as a simple broker of magnetic components. By the mid 1990’s, Allstar Magnetics had developed into a JIT (just in time) stocking distributor offering 11 major ferrite franchised lines, a full range of custom permanent magnet materials, and custom designed Magnet Assemblies. Today, Allstar uses its depth of knowledge of all things magnetic to streamline critical elements of the product lifecycle. Focusing on crucial value added needs like design, prototyping, and volume wound solutions, has helped Allstar Magnetics to develop into a leader in next generation distribution services.