Case Study: Research & Development

Creating Custom Magnetic Blends


A major audio manufacturer needed to reproduce a magnetic material that had not been made for over 60 years.

The need to re-create that sound became increasingly important to the manufacturer over the past 10 years. The original material was no longer available, and the exact chemical composition was not known. Without a material formula to follow the customer turned to Allstar’s material and supply chain expertise to recreate the custom magnetic formulation.


Custom Magnetic Compound Development for Product Manufacturing Purposes

The compound mixture had to be created from scratch. Through product developments it was also discovered that there were additional materials needed beyond a standard blend. Developing both the process and the specific order for blending raw material was found to be crucial to the final magnetic properties. The next step was to develop a manufacturing process to achieve the final shape without changing the magnetic performance. This took magnetic expertise and a clear understanding of manufacturing processes.

Allstar Process:

Research & Material Testing

Custom Magnetic Composition & Product Research

Prototype and Volume Production

Volume Manufacturing Expertise in Accordance with Customer Needs

JIT Distribution

Successful Distribution of New Product with Iconic Sound

Benefit to Customer:

Authentic Legacy Products Boost Organic Sales Growth

Sound is everything in music. Not being able to produce pickups capable of providing the original resonance was a constant frustration and loss to the market. With the successful development of this material, Allstar helped the customer to recreate obsolete products and develop new designs that are helping to lead to meaningful organic sales growth.

Allstar Team Strengths

The team at Allstar understands magnetic performance and manufacturing processes. They also have a robust supply chain and product development skill set to reverse engineer or create custom blends. Decades of material knowledge allowed for the range to be narrowed to a place where a workable compound could be converted to a manufacturing process. Volume production and standard JIT distribution model unique to Allstar helped deliver the customer the material and price combination that has allowed for a hugely successful program and new product release.


Material Knowledge & Testing

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Supply Chain & Manufacturing Infrastructure


Volume Production and JIT Distribution