Allstar Magnetics is the nation’s leading supplier and distributor of permanent magnetic materials, branded ferrite and powder cores, and assembled value added magnetic solutions.

We offer worldwide distribution and innovative industrial solutions to meet the exact needs of our customer’s applications. With nearly 30 years of experience, Allstar is uniquely positioned to provide a complete suite of supply chain options that make custom material sourcing at lower costs a reality.


Permanent Magnets & Assemblies

NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, Ceramic, and Magnetic Assemblies

wound mag-sm

Custom-Wound Magnetics

Transformers, Inductors/Chokes, and Coils by Santronics

ferrite core-sm

Magnetic Cores & Accessories

Ferrite Cores, Powder Cores, Amorphous Cores, Bobbins, and Hardware

Distribution When You Need It

Wholesale & Large Inventory Stocking

Reduced Upfront Inventory Costs

Lower Handling Costs

Quicker Lead Times

Distribution Services

Our team specializes in managing international sourcing and manufacturing for project-specific needs. Let us monitor distribution and inventory for product, arrange shipments, and handle manufacturing production processes. We serve the unique needs of all clients, with solutions for whatever your project requires.

Custom Designed & Built

Component Development

Engineering & Prototyping

Testing & Certification

Production & Handling

Let Us Help You With Your Magnetic Needs

We are dedicated in providing our customers with high quality products to meet their exact specifications.

Let our team help you with your next project.