Distribution & Inventory

Global solutions & resources tailored to your unique project needs.

Shipping & Inventory Warehousing Services

Our team specializes in managing international sourcing and manufacturing for project-specific needs. Let us monitor distribution and inventory for product, arrange shipments, and handle manufacturing production processes. We serve the unique needs of all clients, with solutions for whatever your project requires.

Streamlined Shipping Process

Product When you Need It

Our sales team works directly with you to ensure that shipments meet your expected usage rates. No need to overwhelm your staff with extra labor spent handling more product than you need. Lower your handling costs with our Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory housing.

Quick Lead times

We can ship items as quickly as 24-48 hours, and work with our overseas partners for streamlined shipping arrangements.

Reduced Costs

Lower Unit Costs

We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure price breaks by volume, and facilitate bulk purchasing for lower unit cost. Additionally, we can house your product all at once, thereby reducing multiple shipments from overseas, while ensuring the best per-product price.

Reduced Upfront Costs

You pay as we ship, with the price locked in within the contract of your stocking agreement.  Free up your cash flow to avoid costly bulk minimum purchase costs. Work directly with our sales team to find the right solution for you.

A Trusted Resource for Your Production Needs

Manufacturing Experts

We have a trusted network of overseas and domestic volume manufacturers. We take the stress out of bulk purchases, with our team of sales & production experts who work directly with the manufacturer to ensure product quality, timelines, and cost.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers. We find the best solution for your business needs, production process, and budget.

Let Us Solve Your Shipping & Inventory Needs