Allstar is a proud distributor of Magnetics® products.  We carry their line of precision soft magnetic components and materials for the electronics industry. We offer high-quality powder cores, ferrite cores and tape wound cores for applications such as chokes, inductors, filters, transformers and power supply components for use in alternative energy, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), telecommunications, aerospace, military, medical and other electronics systems.

Magnetics’ products are manufactured to conform to international standards for electrical, dimensional, and visual requirements. Magnetics is the only global supplier with development, design and manufacturing operations for powder cores, ferrite cores and strip wound cores.

Powder Cores

Magnetics Powder Core products – Kool Mu® (sendust), MPP (molypermalloy), Kool Mµ® MAX, Kool Mu® Hƒ, Edge® , High Flux, XFlux®, and 75-Series materials – are distributed air gap cores that are primarily used in power inductor applications, specifically in switched-mode power supply (SMPS) output filters, also known as DC inductors. Other power applications include differential inductors, boost inductors, buck inductors, and flyback transformers. Notable characteristics of Magnetics’ Powder Core materials are high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses and excellent inductance stability under both DC and AC conditions. In addition, Magnetics Powder Core materials are not pressed with an organic binder, so there is no thermal aging.


  • MPP – low core losses, highest Q, and highest temperature stability compared with other materials.
  • High Flux – for small core size in a DC bias dominated design
  • Edgemost efficient design using the smallest core, offering the highest DC bias and approximately 40% lower losses compared to High Flux.
  • XFlux – lower cost alternative to High Flux, in situations where the higher core losses and more limited permeability availability of XFlux is acceptable.
  • XFlux Ultra – cores offer the same high saturation found in standard silicon-iron XFlux while providing a 20% improvement in core loss.
  • Kool Mµ  -moderate cost, significantly lower losses and substantially better thermal properties when compared to powdered iron cores.
  • Kool Mµ MAX – high DC bias and low core loss density for high efficiency, high power inductors.
  • Kool Mµ Hƒ – powder cores optimized for frequencies 200-500 kHz, are a cost-effective solution for minimizing power losses in high frequency power supplies.
  • Kool Mu Ultra – ultra low losses approach that of ferrite cores while maintaining powder core advantages of soft saturation, stable high temperature performance, and no gap fringing losses.
  •  75-Series – relatively high saturation flux density of cores makes them a low-cost solution in applications where stable inductance under load is necessary.

Ferrite Cores

Magnetics® soft ferrite cores are an oxide made from Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), and Zinc (Zn) which are commonly referred to as manganese zinc ferrites. They have a low coercivity and are also known as soft magnetic ferrites. Ferrite cores for the high frequency power supply and high quality communication markets are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes for inductors, pulse transformers, high frequency transformers, and noise filters. Notable characteristics of Magnetics ferrite materials are high permeability, good temperature properties, and low disaccommodation.  The materials range in permeability from 900µ to 15,000µ and are available in a variety of geometries including toroids, shapes and pot cores.

Product material curves:

Ferrite materials summary for all Magnetics power and high permeability ferrite materials.