Leading Industry Expert in Magnetic Manufacturing


Allstar Magnetics is a leading industry expert in magnetic manufacturing. We know every job is unique, and can help find the right materials and cost for a range of production levels, lead times, and budgets. Let our team help source the right solution for your magnetic production needs.


Our team works individually with every client. We are problem solvers, and specialize in streamlining existing magnetic product manufacturing processes to NRE creation for specialized manufacturing needs.

Industry Experts

We serve a range of industries with magnetic needs, including aerospace, industrial, and medical industries. View our Industries page for more information.

Testing & Inspection

We ensure that your custom magnetic product will work to the highest levels of testing and inspection available, from FAI to AQL specifications.


Our sales team can manage production levels, inventory, and shipments, so that your company works as efficiently as possible. We work within a global network to ensure the best available production timelines and corresponding costs.

Volume Production

Allstar Magnetics offers our customers a strategic partnership centered on our expertise in prototype engineering, production and manufacturing services, and global distribution and shipping arrangements. Whatever your manufacturing challenges might be, Allstar Magnetics’ competitive advantage includes product strategy, conceptualization, design engineering, material technology, test engineering as well as full production & manufacturing services.

Our workflow from first article development to full-scale production can be referenced below.

Manufacturing Workflow:

RFQ Assessment

We assess your product needs to determine necessary magnetic materials and annual expected usage for potential manufacturing solutions.

Evaluate manufacturing drawing

We determine if your prototype specification drawings need adjustments, with comparable drawing available at a lower cost off-shore.

Review with Technical Advisors

We work with our team of technical experts and SMEs to review your specifications with an intent to build to print.

Drawing Approval

Our engineers review product specifications for approval of a prototype.

Manufacturer Sourcing & Quoting

Our global network of manufacturers enables us to source the right partner for your specific project needs.

Build First Article

We work closely with our manufacturers, either domestic or off-shore, to produce a first article for review.


First article is tested in-house and at the customer facility.

Mass Production

Upon testing & approval, we work directly with the manufacturer for mass production.


Our global JIT distribution system and oversight by our shipping and sales team ensures that you receive your product in accordance with your annual expected usage rates.

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