Permanent Magnetic Assembly

We understand the unique applications of permanent magnetic materials. Streamline your supply chain with assembled solutions tailored to your project needs. Our team are experts in problem-solving magnetic applications for a variety of industries, with services in design, testing, and engineering.

Prototyping & Design

We are at the cutting edge of magnetic product development for projects ranging from first article development to NRE creation for specialized manufacturing needs. We work extensively with prototypes and new designs, and offer our expertise to developers and engineers seeking innovative solutions based on your unique applications.

Technical Resource

Our technical staff are accustomed to working as an extension of your team by partnering with your engineering and production staff to provide design consultation, materials sourcing, and product testing for your magnetic product needs. We work with your designers to help translate your design into a manufacturable product. 

Streamlined Supply Chain

Allstar Magnetics understands the business of magnetic supply chain needs. As diverse and complex supply chains continue to develop and grow on an international scale, manufacturing clients require their partners and suppliers to conform to international standards in Quality Management Systems. We are a trusted partner to streamline your supply chain with quality, custom-made products at a competitive price.


We ensure the highest standards of production, with certifications for a range of industries. We understand and implement the necessary production certifications for your magnetic needs to ensure product quality and conformity of products and services with international or proprietary domestic intent.

Our team is committed to your assembly and mass manufacturing needs, from RFQ to final shipment.

Work with a team member for prototyping and assembled magnetic solutions.