Rare Earth Metals Forecast

Posted November 8,  2021

Rare Earth Metals Forecast

This last year has seen large fluctuations in rare earth metals pricing and some like PrNd and DyFe have more than doubled since October of last year. PrNd and DyFe are two metal components used in the manufacture of the very popular NdFeB (Neo) magnets.

In the month of October, PrNd rose by 16% and DyFe by 5% – with many factors driving the prices up including supply shortages, increased production costs and the continued growing demand.

We highly recommend that customers place blanket or other long-term contracts to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of materials. At Allstar, managing the supply chain is a critical component of our services and we are monitoring the situation closely. Check our email blasts and “News Posts” for monthly updates.

AugustSeptemberOctoberYear to Date
% Change
% Change
% Change
Data reflects percent change in Chinese Yuan per ton or kG of rare earth material.