Rare Earth Metals Forecast

Posted March 3, 2021

At Allstar we understand your need to have a reliable and consistent supply chain, so we closely monitor the prices of rare earth metals and other materials used for permanent magnets.  In the last several months there has been a notable uptick in metals pricing that is having an impact on magnet costs.

Date Cobalt Neo Terbium DyFe Copper
Nov 2020 4% 8.5% 2% 5.5% 3%
Dec 2020 24% 15% 5% 16% 16.6%
Feb 2021 37% 29% 36% 32% 20%

 Data as of 2/25/21 Data source Zhaocicai.com

While it is difficult to predict how this volatility will impact the long-term pricing in the permanent magnet market, Allstar is proactively offering solutions to help you mitigate risk and lock in pricing to ensure just-in-time delivery.  Allstar has blanket agreements with flexible inventory, warehousing and stocking arrangements.

Contact your Allstar sales rep today to secure your uninterrupted supply chain.