Santronics & Allstar Partner in Magnetic Component Design & Manufacturing

Santronics provides a variety of magnetic assemblies, including transformers, inductors, and coils for applications including data transmission, power conversion and power isolation.

Utilizing Allstar distribution and inventory networks, our team specializes in managing international sourcing and manufacturing for project-specific needs. Let us monitor distribution and inventory for product, arrange shipments, and handle manufacturing production processes. We serve the unique needs of all clients, with solutions for whatever your project requires.

Santronics Engineering & Design Team Specializes in:

  • Designing and developing new solutions for custom situations
  • Building custom prototypes from engineering drawings
  • Help cross-referencing existing/standard components
  • Quotes for any size manufacturing quantities
  • SMT or Through-Hole configurations
  • Recommendations on specialty wires and specifications (ie. high temperature, LITZ wires, UL recognized wires)

The Santronics team is ready to help with your custom wound magnetic needs.