Permanent Magnets

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You are the innovators who are designing and manufacturing the technology that will lead the global market with the promises of tomorrow. You understand your segment needs, and to help you cultivate your vision you need a reliable partner who understands the Science and Business of Magnetics. You need volume solutions experts who can evaluate your concepts and assembly processes to discover viable options for your project needs. That is why so many leading manufactures around the globe trust and rely on Allstar Magnetics to be their partner in all things magnetic. Give us your challenge and we’ll meet it with a lifetime of experience and ingenuity. Contact Allstar Magnetics today and let us put our thoughts together to start the process of bringing your innovations to fruition. 

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Need to learn more? Select one of the following categories:

★ Neodymium Magnets
Super holding power / strongest magnetic material in the world.
★ Ceramic Magnets
Powerful, economically priced and differing strengths.
★ Samarium Cobalt Magnets
Extremely powerful, small size, rare earth magnets.
★ Alnico Magnets
Rod and bar shapes, feature high heat resistance.
★ Bonded Magnets
Extremely powerful, NdFeB bonded magnet.
★ Radially Oriented Ring Magnets
Multi-Pole, one piece, NdFeB radial rings
★ Magnet Assemblies
Powerful, Plates, Tubes, Various.
Permanent Magnetic Lifters
Nd-Fe-B, Permanent, High Performance