Multipole Radial Ring Magnets

Posted February 1, 2022

Radially-oriented ring magnets are a unique subset of NdFeB sintered magnets. Using proprietary technologies, a multipole ring can be sintered into a truly radial geometry. This replaces the costly and labor-intensive method of gluing arcs, bread loaves or rectangular segments onto a rotor shaft.

Allstar Magnetics now offers high-efficiency multipole Neodymium (NdFeB) magnetic rings. These rings are revolutionizing the permanent magnet space for synchronous motors, stepper motors and DC brushless motors widely used in automotive, specialty electronics, and medical applications.

Magnets are pressed to produce sintered NdFeB magnets. This process consists of combining base powders, pressing the resulting material, and then baking or sintering the resulting ring to achieve a radially magnetized product.

This new technology improves the uniformity of magnetic flux for increased motor efficiency and torque.  Other benefits include ease of assembly, superior mechanical properties and eliminates the re-work associated with chipped discrete magnets.

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