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Transformers by Allstar Magnetics

Allstar Magnetics Transformers




Our dry-type distribution (power) transformers are regarded for their high level of quality and service reliability that has become synonymous with Allstar Magnetics products.

Supplied as either single or three phase, Allstar Magnetics dry-type distribution transformers are easy to install and offer unique advantages over competitive brands. They are compact to save scarce floor or wall space Three Phase Transformer by Allstar Magneticsand are all supplied with wall or floor brackets and channels. Furthermore, to facilitate trouble-free connecting of line and load cables, voltages are clearly indicated on separate terminal boards.The transformer case is ventilated to allow air to flow and cool the coil(s). Because they are “dry-type” they contain no dangerous fluids and require no special fire proof vaults or venting of toxic gases. These safety features allow dry type transformers to be installed inside buildings and in locations close to the consumer, which improves overall transformer efficiency. Allstar Magnetics dry type transformers are safe, highly efficient and trouble-free. They require minimum maintenance to provide many years of reliable trouble free service.

Fire-resistant dry type or “cast resin” transformers are well suited for installation in high-rise buildings, hospitals, underground tunnels, school, steel factories, chemical plants and places where fire safety is a great concern. Hazard free to the environment, dry type transformers have over the years proven to be highly reliable. They are typically used in commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential structures.


  • Does not require fireproof vaults or special installations
  • Lightweight with no liquids to inspect
  • May be installed close to the load to reduce wiring runs
  • Used to change supply voltages to voltages required by lighting and various types of equipment
  • Commonly used for inductive and resistive loads such as motors and heating

 Three Phase Transformer by Allstar Magnetics
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