Custom Built Magnetic Linear Tracks

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Technical Solutions for Design & Manufacturing Companies

Applications for custom linear track can range from use in precision manufacturing cells such as wafer manufacturing or clinical lab testing to end products such as operating beds, tables and stages for MRI and CT scanners. Linear systems are ideal for any application that relies on precision alignment and positioning like diagnostic sample transport, food processing, vision systems, industrial automation, and cobot/robot machine tools. Precision linear motion can be a key feature in production application or in an end product.

Customized Performance for Specific Applications:

  • Powerful rare earth neodymium & steel construction
  • CNC tapping and specialty grade steel backings for structural integrity
  • Precision assemblies in either flat or u-channel linear magnetic tracks
  • Adhesive specifications for exacting environmental conditions, such as humidity, heat, and outgassing
  • Specialized for highly accurate motion control & positioning systems

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