Micrometals® expertise and experience in creating custom core shapes and material formulations is unmatched. Micrometals® Iron powder cores can be used across many different applications depending on the desired performance specifications, allowable core losses and desired frequency responses.

Allstar is a leading distributor of Micrometals® iron powder core products, with a 24 hour turnaround time on select catalog core products.


Radio Frequency Iron Powder

  • Carbonyl Iron formulations
  • Ideal for High Q applications from 0.1 to 700 MHz including radio communications, video communication and broadband transformers
  • Permeabilities from 1 to 35

RF Iron Powders Material Data Sheet

Power Conversion Iron Powder

  • Iron and Carbonyl blend formulations
  • Ideal for Power Conversion Chokes, PFC Inductors, CM flyback Inductors and EMI/RFI
  • Permeabilities from 10 to 100

Power Conversion (PC) Iron Powders Material Data Sheet

Cores & Customizations

Machined Catalog Cores

  • Reduce or remove dimensional features (grinding, turning, milling and polishing)
  • Combine/stack/nest cores

Machined Core Shapes

  • Catalog variants
  • New shapes
  • New Shape/Material combinations
  • Machined cores and mounting plates

Special Coatings

  • Harsh environment coatings
  • Ruggedized designs
  • Medical Grade coatings
  • Tighter tolerance on coating thickness
  • Special masking

Wound Components

  • We can work directly with your winding provider or connect you with one of our winding partners near you.