Allstar features Custom Magnetic Assemblies or Build-to-Print

Posted March 11, 2021

Rare Earth (NdFeB & SmCo), Alnico, and Ferrite Custom Magnetic Assemblies or Build-to-Print

Did you know that Allstar is a vertically integrated manufacturer of both permanent magnet assemblies and soft magnetic wound parts?

Allstar uses depth of knowledge, superior customer service and excellent on time delivery to streamline critical elements of the product lifecycle for both soft magnetics and permanent magnet applications. Focusing on crucial value-added needs like inventory stocking, design, prototyping, and volume solutions, has helped Allstar Magnetics remain a leader in next generation magnetic applications.

For our customers looking for custom wound assemblies, we have the equipment and engineering support to produce quantities from prototype to full high-volume production. Allstar Magnetics stocks a large selection of ferrite cores and hardware as well as custom assemblies tailored for quick turn and rapid prototypes.

Why choose Allstar?  We offer quality, speed, and engineering experience all with great customer service.  Understanding the best way to specify magnets, hardware and test magnetic assemblies is a key support feature we offer.

Permanent Magnet Assemblies

Allstar Magnetics specializes in permanent magnet such as Alnico, Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Ceramic, Bonded Magnets, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Assemblies, Radial Rings & Linear Magnetic Tracks.

Custom Wound Assemblies

Allstar features Ferrite Cores, Custom Machined Cores and Custom Wound Transformers, Inductors & Coils.