Ceramic Round Base Magnet Assemblies

Posted November 16, 2021

Round Base Cup Magnet Assemblies

Magnetic Assemblies are up to 32 times stronger than simple magnets by themselves.
Custom sizes, designs and coating are also available.

Product Description
1. Material: Steel cup + Ceramic ring magnet
2. Coating for steel cup: Chrome, Black Epoxy, Nickel, Zinc
3. Magnet surface lower than that of cup 0.005’’
4. Working temperature range: -40°C – 100°C
5. Packing box size: 15.0 x 10.6 x 6.3 Inches
6. We can customize the special size and coating per your requirement.
7. Pull force tested on flat steel plate ½” thick. If your steel is thinner, coated or the surface is rough or rusty, the pull force may vary. We recommend that you obtain a sample for testing.