Custom Machined Ferrites

Posted March 10, 2021

Allstar’s custom CNC machining is the best solution for applications where standard, catalog cores do not meet your requirements. Our Haas CNC 4-axis milling machine can grind to those special shapes and sizes for your custom applications. Prototyping and small to large production runs available.

Machining workmanship includes:

  • Quick-turn Prototype Development
  • Grinding, Slicing and Milling from Larger Blocks
  • Surface Finish and Polishing
  • Gluing and Assembly Operations
  • Custom Packaging

Are you looking for a certain air gap or AL-value or maybe a slotted toroidal core?

Gapping Specifications and Services:

  • Al Value Gap Tolerance of ±3% or Better and Mechanical Gaps of ±0.0005 or Better
  • Precision Inductance Testing
  • Custom Protective Packaging of Gapped Cores

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