Halbach Array Permanent Magnet Assemblies

Posted October 6, 2021

Halbach Array Permanent Magnet Assemblies

Allstar Magnetics can work with your team to design and manufacture Halbach arrays for your permanent magnet assembly needs.  Halbach arrays are an arrangement of permanent magnets that concentrates the field on one side of array and has a near zero field on the opposite side. This is achieved by alternating the polarity of the magnets and forcing the path of the flux lines on one side to combine and the opposite side to cancel each other out. These assemblies can be constructed in variety of different configurations such as linear, cylindrical, or circular.


Industry Applications

Linear applications include particle accelerators, free-electron lasers, linear motors, and any movement that requires planar motion. There are a variety of design that use cylindrical arrangements for higher power density and efficiency such as NMR, high torque motors and beam focusing applications. Halbach arrays can also be used to create gradient fields to channel electrons in medical and science applications.

Manufacturing Considerations

It is important to understand the required field, air gap, temperature at operation, life of the product, adhesive outgassing, magnet performance at both temperature, magnet performance in a magnetic field, mechanical constraints, tooling, allowable fringing, weight, size and budget.

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